We grow carrots for 3 specific markets:

  • baby peeled carrots
  • carrots for packaging
  • jumbo carrots for the food service industry

Our baby carrot varieties are Sweet-Bites and Sugar Snacks, and are grown for their consistent orange colour, uniform length and sweeter flavor.

The mature carrots we grow are mainly Eagle, Cheyenne and Enterprise. Look for firm, clean, smooth, well-shaped carrots. We grow our carrots in the sandier soils of the upper Fraser Valley, which produces a good length, flavourful carrot that is bright in colour and clean in appearance. Carrots can be boiled, blanched, steamed, braised, sautéd, baked, deep-fried, microwaved and pressure-cooked. Carrots are a popular side dish and are good grated on salads, they’re also a staple in stews and soups.

Carrots are very high in Vitamin A and a good source of Vitamin C, folacin and potassium.


Carrots are available from July through to January.

Care and storage

Carrots are topped to prevent dehydration that will cause wilting and toughening. Store carrots in the refrigerator and you’ll find them one of the least perishable vegetables.

Nutrition Information

Per 80 g serving size of carrots

  • Energy–36 cal
  • Protein–0.7 g
  • Fat–0.2 g
  • Carbohydrates–7.8 g
  • Sodium–41 mg
  • Potassium–273 mg

Source: Fresh Fruit & Vegetable nutrition Encyclopedia Fresh for Flavor Foundation 1991.